Portfolio Management

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Build tomorrow’s provisions today

We are here to serve you. That is why we offer tailor-made solutions at every turn. Portfolio Management is no different. Our team of experts is ready for both discretionary and non-discretionary management.

With non-discretionary management, you make all the investment decisions, which we simply execute on your behalf. This works especially well for our investors who know what they want, but who also want to prioritize their time elsewhere.

Discretionary management lets our experts personalize a portfolio according to your goals and risk profile. This suits our investors who prefer letting our team use their industry insight and experience to craft a portfolio that performs .

No matter your management style of choice, MF&G Asset Management will provide a customizable portfolio to reflect your personal priorities and goals. We are committed to ensuring that you achieve your wealth objectives. We rely on local, regional and international expertise to evaluate your unique risk tolerance and time horizon, in order to provide clear strategies that take you closer to your growth objectives.  Each portfolio encompasses an optimal mix of asset classes, some of which includes bonds, equities, and unit trust funds in both local and foreign currencies.  All investors will be provided with quarterly comprehensive portfolio statements.

Why consider Portfolio Management with us? We provide:

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